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José Hoek is a pop artist focused in the use of analog synthesizers and modular systems as the core of his musical compositions. 

The name Hoek derives from the dutch word for corner, which José adopted after talking to a group of musicians while explaining that the beginnings of his studio were in the corner of his house. 

After releasing his synth-based record, Ida and Vuelta, in the Summer of 2019, José Hoek released Trémolo Park in 2020, which is an introspective psychedelic pop journey that received important reviews in outlets like Billboard and Rolling Stone, while introducing his sound to a new audience.


 In 2021, José Hoek released POSTA, a synth pop album strongly influenced by the latin indie pop scene, particularly in artists like Rubytates, Delfina Campos, Vanessa Zamora and Technicolor Fabrics, thus receiving wide acclaim from fans and media in Mexico.  


For the Summer of 2022, José Hoek is presenting Toro Sessions, a series of shows in Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela, as a prelude to his upcoming album, TORO, which will be released in November 2022. 


TORO is a double album that features José Hoek both as an artist and a producer. It will be published in a limited edition vinyl to be distributed in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina. 

* Electronic Music Producer *

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